Children’s Ministry: To Train Up a Child

Children's Ministry: To Train Up a Child - Guest Post - Royalty by Grace

I am so excited to present to you one of my blogging besties: Cassie L. Wilson of She’s such a sweetie and I am so excited she was willing to write a post for Royalty by Grace. Cassie shares with us about her Churches latest children’s ministry adventure.

Children's Ministry: To Train Up a Child - Guest Post - Cassie Wilson - Royalty by Grace

“I have a question.  Is this Bible school going to be like last years?”

For those of us that were working in Bible school this year, we all collectively drew our breath.  With kids, you never really know what is going to pop out of their mouths.  And this time was no different.  Was he going to say he hated last year’s VBS theme?  Was he going to tell us something we did wrong?

As I waited for the kid to continue, I thought back to the previous Vacation Bible School and how we, as a church, exhausted all our efforts to make sure the theme of “Superheroes of the Cross” translated well to the children.  We had balloons dangling from nearly the entirety of the ceiling.  We had adults dressed as superheroes.  The children were allowed to design their own cape as a craft.  And all while learning about heroic figures in the Bible that carried the message of the Cross, no matter how difficult their circumstances.

We spent a lot of time and effort trying to pull that Bible School off and I won’t lie in saying that we thought we did a pretty good job of getting the message across.  But, all it took was one kid asking “Is this going to be like last years?” to make us doubt everything we had done.


“Well, what do you mean?” the story leader asked, nervously looking around the sanctuary that was decorated to resemble the high court in Rome.  The theme of Bible school this year was “Messengers of the Cross: the life of Paul.”  We had wanted the sanctuary to feel as if the children were sitting as a witness during Paul’s trial in Rome.  As part of the daily skits, the children learned about Paul’s conversion to Christianity and his travels to Rome to spread the Gospel.

“Last year’s Bible School was so cool!”

In one excited declaration, all our fears of did we do enough?, are they getting the point of it?, do they even like Bible School? vanished.  Vacation Bible School, or children’s ministry in general, is a lot of hard work.  It takes time.  Dedication.  IAnd a whole lot of planning.  And it takes a lot of prayer and perseverance.  And sometimes, while it is hard to admit, you do have to sit back and wonder if anything is even sinking in and if the kids will remember the lesson a year or even a day from when the lesson was taught.


Proverbs 22:6 (2) - Children's Ministry: To Train Up a Child - Guest Post - Royalty by GraceBut, it is a service for the Lord.  And one that is most rewarding.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 22:6 that we are to train up children in the way that they should go and when they are older, they will continue to walk on the right path.  Sometimes, though, with children, training them on God’s Word requires that we must teach biblical principles on a level so that the children can understand.  If that means acting out a Bible story using puppets or costumes, then so be it.  If that means allowing the children to make Moses’ tabernacle out of clothespins and construction paper to learn the significance of each part of the tabernacle, then do that, too.

My pastor once said that if we, as Christians, do not teach the children the ways of God, the world certainly will not do it for us.  Each time a lesson about the Bible is taught to a child, a seed is planted in his or her heart.  And friend, to see a child grow in God’s Word, or to see a child apply godly principles to his or her life, or to see a child make biblical connections trumps all the hours spent at the kitchen table with a glue gun and scissors in hand preparing for a lesson and demolishes all the “is it even worth it?” doubt.

Those seeds planted in the heart of a child by children’s ministry?  All it takes is a little light and encouragement for those good seeds to sprout and grow into something the Lord can use for His kingdom and His glory.  With children, they’ll show you the fruits of your labors in the most surprising of ways, too.  I can promise you that.


If you want to help plant and grow good seeds in the heart of a child, I encourage you to become active in your church’s children’s ministry.  Often, a church’s children’s ministry program is the first experience some children have with the Gospel.  The lessons they learn in Sunday school, or Bible School, or at Children’s church are lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their life.  If your church does not currently have a children’s program available, I encourage you to talk with your pastor and prayerfully consider starting a program.  Any time spent working for the Lord and serving others is time never wasted.



What wonderful encouragement! It is so important to teach our children from the youngest ages in the way of the Lord. The foundation that a Church or a children’s ministry lays can last a lifetime. So I ask you to consider Cassie’s encouragement, get plugged into your churches children ministry or maybe get one started. I pray the Lord is with you when you step up to do His work.

*Hugs and Loves* y’all,

Royalty by Grace



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